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This site was once devoted to my coaching buisness, but now it is going to be so much more.  Over the last couple years, I have drifted away from the sport I love and found myself looking to improve other areas of my life and pull back the miles and my coaching.  I took on a new career in a senior community, leaving behind a 20 year career in live news.  My choice took me from high stress and over night hours to teaching fitness classes to seniors and coaching runners at Fit Sparrow.  Soon I was promoted to a Director postion and then a year later a Regional Director postion within the same community of Seniors and for the corporate office.  I find my work very fulfilling and it brings me joy every single day.  I learned there are more important things then training for a marathon all the time, something I had done continuously for almost 10 years. During the transition my family and I moved to a new home, my son became a teenager and a very competitive kart racer,  and my husband took on a new company.  Life became filled with changes, but one thing stayed the same – my love of running and fitness.  I closed the doors to my formal coaching buisness at the beginning of 2017.  Now, I coach as a hobby and for the love of the sport.  I only coach a few runners at a time so that I don’t rush or miss a beat.  Now coaching is purly out of love for the sport.  I have learned I do not like social media very much and am really not very good at it, thus I took down my Fit Sparrow Facebook page when the buisness closed.  It puts pressure where there should not be any – keeping up and feeling as if no one is real takes it’s toll and I want no part of that.  It cost me friends and my well being.  I found it hard to find what was real and grew tired of the self promotion. I will post to Instagram as a picture is simple and I need not use a bunch of words to show what it happening in my world.  I find that in the running community, it is hard to place rose colored glasses on sweat and training.

What else is new?  I am eating a primarily plant based diet.  I eat fish and will only eat a tiny portion of meat on occasion.  I have not eaten any meat since February – I have gone thru a bit of a rebirth with my eating habits and feel better then I have in a very long time.  I have always eaten clean, but now I just don’t like the texture of meat and a quote I read has stuck with me “you should never eat something that did not have the choice to live or die.”  It really hit me – I am a member at our local zoo, I sponsor animals and yet I also eat them…it just seemed wrong to me.  I also started the journey to help my husband lower his cholesterol levels.  His health is everything and having him on this journey (about 70% of the time) has made a difference in how he feels too.  I will still cook small portions of meat for my husband and son, but now it is a side dish, not the main course for them.  So trying to practice what I believe, help my husband’s health and feel better all around – that is the goal.

Over the next few months, I am focusing on my strength and will begin to slowly train for two fall half marathons.  My body has been fighting me a bit with some rotator cuff and hips issues, but I am working thru them and seeing muscle definition – hello 6 pack!  I plan to work my buns off and have the best body of my life heading to my 50th birthday.  My 50th is only 22 months away and I plan to hit it head on.   My son and husband are my life and weather I decided to train for another marathon or stick with the half  – time will tell.  For now I am content with 4am wake up calls for early morning work outs, taking my son to school, working with seniors and being home to make dinner and enjoy my hubby and son.   This page is now about life on the way to 50 and the journey of a 7 time Boston Marathoner who may or may not decide to retire from the marathon….life is a journey and the joy is finding your way.


Monika E. reviewed Fit Sparrow —

5 stars of Facebook

Best thing I ever did for myself is to ask Jackie to be my coach. She goes way beyond running! Encouragement, motivation, inspiration and so much more. After a disappointing Marathon attempt, she was able to get me to believe in myself again and that is what a top notch coach does….they go beyond the normal scope and treat you with respect and like a person, not just a check. If your debating, stop….go no further, you’ve found the best!


Kate G. reviewed Fit Sparrow —

5 star

Jackie is the most amazing and inspirational woman and coach. I am honored to work with her and blessed to have her in my life. She gets the job done, helps you every step of the way, and keeps me motivated.


Sharron G. reviewed Fit Sparrow

5 stars of Facebook

If you want a coach who will be there for you from beginning to end this is your girl! She has an amazing passion for running and for coaching! Looking forward to working with her once again!


Fiona C. reviewed Fit Sparrow

5 stars on Facebook

Amazing coach, very generous with her time and a very caring lady

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